Here’s a video of a restoration project we recently undertook on a Guarneri copy violin.

We were very happy with the results and it ended up looking and sounding beautiful.

Here’s a video of a old violin bow restoration.

To receive a repair quotation


Our repairs are carried out by a qualified violin maker, who has also been working on guitars professionally for over 12 years. We work on all string instruments and standard repairs on site. Amp/electronic repairs are carried out down the road at our fully equipped workshop.

We will give you the best advice and always find the right, most creative and reliable solution

We have a fully equipped workshop and our luthier, who has trained and qualified at Merton College, can undertake all kinds of repairs and servicing in-house. He has also studied bow making under Jan Kudanowski.

We are open to enquiries on all kinds of instruments and have a wealth of experience in Middle Eastern and other Ethnic instruments from all continents as well as traditional western instruments.

We also do minor repairs and alterations on brass and woodwind instruments as well as offering all kinds of electronic repairs (Amp, Speaker, Pedal etc.) and modifications which, depending on severity, can be undertaken in-house or through our external electrician.


This list is not exhaustive of all the repairs we undertake. Please call us or enquire via email if there is a service you require with is not listed.

Violin Service/Repair:


*Services available for Viola, Cello and Upright Bass- prices may differ

Bow re-hair
New Bridge
Sound Post
Sound Post Patch
Nut Adjustment
Fitting new nut (including materials)
Bass bar
Tonal Adjustment
Re-touching of Varnish
New Bone/Ebony face (bow)
New silver lapping and thumb grip (bow)
Re-fitting pegs
Re-bushing peg box
Glue edges open seams
Fingerboard Shoot
Top removal

Guitar Modifications/electronics:

diagnostic charge including scratchplate removal=£30
(not applied to jack socket, selector & pot replacement)

*prices below not including parts

Fit Under Saddle Pickup & End Pin Preamp
Fit Preamp & Pickup In Acoustic (Cut Hole In Side)
Fit Jack Socket including drilling/soldering
Fit Selector Switch (Strat/Gibson)
Replace Pickup (Electric Guitar) not including routing
Pot replacement

Setup Services:


Set up Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
12 String Setup
Electric Floyd Rose setup
Electric Bass / Acoustic Bass (Excluding Strings)
Intonation for electric instruments
Replace Machinehead
Fit New Saddle not including saddle
Replace Nut, Pre cut (Electric/Acoustic) including nut
Make Nut, Bone/Tusq (Electric/Acoustic) including nut
Sharp Fret Ends (Shrunken Neck,Level Back To Edge)
Bridge Plane (Acoustic With Setup)
Remove/Fit Bridge (Acoustic)

Fret Work


Re-fret Unbound board
Re-fret Bound board
Fret Dress Inc.Setup (Level, Re-crown, Polish)

Damage Repair:


Crack Repairs
Dent Repairs
Headstock Breaks including setup
Touch Ups Or Finish Repair

This list is not exhaustive of all the repairs we undertake.  Please call us or enquire via email if there is a service you require with is not listed.